Here’s to more marathons: real, virtual, figurative, and literal…

Still no peach.

A tale of narcissistic abuse and recovery.

I hope you’ll keep climbing, as I have.

We’ve opened Pandora’s Box on tech inequity, but that’s just a symptom of another more insidious illness in our education system. Can we eliminate this disease, too?

What ARE we doing to make sure our students make it across?
Red sky at night, tomorrow is anyone’s guess.

Day zero, you told me it was over.

Don’t cry because it’s over, LOL because YOU DID IT.

It’s hard to know where to begin on a recap of the last year, so I decided to break down my first year of teaching — as part of the Teach First program — into a list of 19 emojis about things, ideas, metaphors, and habits that helped me survive. This is more of a reflection for me than advice for you (who am I to give anyone advice! I’m brand new to this) but I hope it’s interesting, and at the very least, insightful. For my fellow C19s, and other first-year teachers out there — congratulations. You’re awesome, you made it, and you deserve this chance to rest and recharge.


I build intelligent protocols that learn how great teachers teach, so we can help our learners learn better.

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